How do glasses work?

Hey guys, me again, you know, the cringey (that’s not an actual word by the way) opener guy. Anyway a nice and simple post today, or what’s left of today. So I will be discussing how glasses work. Glasses’ primary function are to help you see, now I say that, but it’s actually their only function. But how do they do it, how do they help you to see?

So first of all, to know how glasses help you to see, we first need to know why people struggle to see. In the back of your eye ball you have something known as a retina and this contains cells called cones and rods, cones sense colour and rods sense how dim something is. Now the reason people struggle to see and view things as being blurred is because the light is not focusing on the retina properly. This can happen for many different reasons as the eye is shaped very specifically and any change can cause you to have blurred sight.

So the simple answer is that glasses bend the light back onto the retina and this restores your vision. Now I can’t actually get into much detail about how this process works because it involves specific measurements and a lot of maths, but the basic premise is that the light is bent and focused back on your retina.

Thanks for reading guys, sorry the post is a bit short compared to the but I can’t actually go into much detail with this question. Anyway as per usual if you liked this post hit that like button and follow for more content. If you would like me to go into more detail message me or comment on this post.


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